Thursday, March 21, 2013

Term Limits - the cure for what ails us?

Despite whatever your political leanings actually are, almost everyone agrees that our government, especially at the federal level, is broke.   The Senate hasn't passed a budget in years, the Executive now portends the power to kill citizens at will without Due Process, and the Judiciary, well... no comment.

So is there a magical answer?  Many, and I for one, think there is - term limits. Our system is dysfunctional because many "came to do good - but stayed to do well".  Americans, regardless of political party affiliation or  age broadly support term limits for the U.S. House and Senate. Unfortunately most politicians don't support term limits.  As Thomas Sowell put it in his recent column:
"Those who oppose term limits express fears of having government run by amateurs, rather than by people with long experience in politics. But this country was created by people who were not career politicians, but who put aside their own private careers to serve in office during a critical time."
I submit to you that when more than 70% of a population as diverse as ours supports term limits, it's time for it to happen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It can happen here too

   Don't believe the nonsense you hear about taxes?   The thing you need to understand is that the government taxes us whenever it spends money.  Even though our tax rates are not the highest they have ever been, we are running the the largest deficits we have ever run.   If we don't get it under control, we will end up like Cypress.

   Without debate:

"The move to tax bank deposits is a first in the euro-zone crisis, and analysts fretted that the tax's wide scope and its sudden nature—banks are shut and Cyprus plans to deduct the levy before they reopen—could shake the currency bloc's wobbly confidence. On Monday, Cyprus put off parliamentary debate on the proposal until Tuesday, two days behind the original schedule, and said banks will remained closed until Thursday."
Cypress got into this mess because they failed to understand that Math isn't optional.  Sooner or later the US will be faced with a similar choice unless our government learns the same.