Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Predictions for 2014

2014 is here; 2013 is gone.  Economically, not a bad year, especially for Wall Street.   The Economy would have been much better if Government could get out of the way. Obama has lost credibility with the American people.  Congress didn't have any credibility and is actually less liked than the Communist party.  So, what about 2014? Here are my predictions.

The Economy will grow at 3.3% this year.  The stock market will have another good year.  The principle driver of economic growth will be the technology sector.

Innovations in Robotics will amaze us.  These innovations will continue to make manual human labor less valuable.

Drones will become a part of the local law enforcement arsenal throughout the country.  
Healthcare in America will dissolve into a quagmire.  This will be the main reason the Republicans will retake the Senate in 2014.  

All states will be forced to recognize gay marriage based upon a Supreme Court decision.

Iraq will disintegrate into civil war.  Afghanistan will continue to cost the United States lives and resources.   

China and the US will have a major military standoff, or so it will seem.  DoD needs a reason to maintain current spending levels.

Marijuana will become legal for recreational use in 4 additional states. (Washington and Colorado are the only 2 now)

Television will fundamentally change forever.  Cable TV subscribers will radically decline as consumption of entertainment programming via the Internet explodes.

NSA collection of phone records will be held constitutional by the Supreme Court.  

What are your predictions?

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